Bookmark Charms

Vintage charms for velvet ribbon bookmark.

Vintage charms for velvet ribbon bookmark.

I am still waiting for the velvet ribbon I ordered so that I can finish this bookmark and get it listed in the shop. Adorned with vintage rhinestones, vintage glass beads and cabochon, and vintage charms, once completed this bookmark will mark your page and add a little sparkle to whatever you are reading.

I first saw ribbon bookmarks in a post from Whipperberry.  Those bookmarks were created by Christina from Intimate Weddings using trinkets from a line of customizable jewelry called Styled by Tori Spelling. Super cute as those trinkets are, I knew that my own bookmarks would be created with vintage charms. I love being able to give new life to something old and probably forgotten. Inspiration for my own bookmarks came from Andrea Singarella. I absolutely adore her creations.

I have always loved crafting. Making things with my own hands is so much more special and satisfying than going to a store to buy something that everyone else can easily purchase. I remember making colorful paper banners out of a string of hemp twine, a hot glue gun with a couple of sticks of glue and a Land Of Nod catalog. For a few cents and a little time and effort, I have beautiful banners gracing the kiddos play room and also a couple in my little craft corner. They are bright and cheerful and always bring a smile to my face every time I walk into both those rooms. What I love most about crafting is that I’m constantly learning something new or finding new ways to improve my skills. I’ve learned everything from origami, to sewing party favors, & dress-up clothes, to painting personalized professional looking signs. Making my own brooch bouquet is one of my favorite crafts until now. Making jewelry and bookmarks is one of my favorite things to do while the kids are napping.

Vintage charms for velvet ribbon bookmark.

Vintage charms for velvet ribbon bookmark.

You never know what you can do until you try.


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