Day 4-Something Green

It’s cold and dreary this morning. We’ve been graced with grey skies for the last couple of days. Today’s challenge is “Something Green”. I found this little family of owl hand warmers that I made for Monk this past December, when I was picking up all the toys and putting things away this morning.

Family of owl hand warmers

I used a vintage pillow case and scraps of an old olive green t-shirt. Stuffed with uncooked jasmine rice, just place the whole family on a clean plate and warm them in the microwave for 60 seconds. They will keep your hands warms for a little while. Of course I had to warm them up after I took a picture so they could keep us warm this cold morning. You can also stick the rice bags in a clean Ziploc and throw them in the freezer and use them as cold packs for bruises. The Ziploc is to keep the rice bags clean, the last thing you want is to get blood or other icky stuff from the freezer on your little bags.

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