Day 6-Obsession

Today is Day 6 of the 30 Day “Photog Wanna Be” Challenge.

“Obsession” is the challenge for the day.

Jewelry Making Supply

My jewelry supply box!

I’ve recently (in the last couple of months) started making earrings and bookmarks with charms. In the little bit of spare time I do have, this box is on my lap while I’m working away. If I’m not crafting new items, I’m surfing Etsy supply shops that specializes in vintage parts while brainstorming new designs.

Check out Two Everyday Divas, our two hostesses for this challenge.

And Flower Faerie Lives Life who is also participating.

Tomorrow’s challenge is “Changes to Come.”

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.


5 thoughts on “Day 6-Obsession

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  2. Oooo Pretty!! I also make jewelry, and have completely run out of storage room for all of my beads and findings! A couple years ago I purchased a very large tackle box and use it for sorting, keeping, organizing all of my beads in one place. Now days there is tons of overflow. I should probably start making more things to use up some stuff 😉 This is a very pretty photo, gives me the jewelry making bug!

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