Strawberry Banana Coconut Milk Smoothie

While digging in the fridge looking for something to make for breakfast, I noticed two ripe bananas sitting on one of the shelves. Deciding I needed to use it up I made this super easy smoothie.

Coconut Milk & Raw Honey

One can of coconut milk, local raw honey, and a bowl of fruit.

Bananas, Strawberries, & Raspberries

I used two ripe bananas, about five raspberries, and four strawberries.

Chunky Coconut Milk

Don’t worry if you open up your can of coconut milk and you see that it’s chunky. Due to high fat levels in coconut milk it can solidify into thick chunks. There usually is bits of liquid coconut milk at the bottom of the can. As long as it doesn’t smell bad then you know it’s not rancid.

Coconut Milk & Raw Honey Poured

Pour the coconut milk and raw honey into your blender. I just squeezed a bit of honey, no precise measurement. If I had to guess I would say about three tablespoons.

Fruits with coconut milk & honey

Add your fruits a little bit at a time. I added about 1/3 at a time until I had everything blended. After blending everything together I went digging around in the freezer and found an additional 7-8 frozen strawberries that needed to be used, so I added that to the smoothie.


It filled this jar up four times. I sipped on two glasses for breakfast and the other two with my lunch.


So yummy and good for you. Enjoy!


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