My Dream Home

Daily Prompt: Dream Home
You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

dream_beach_home_by_oldcow-d562l6iMy dream home would be a beautiful cozy beach cottage near the ocean. It doesn’t have to be on the beach, just near enough so that if we wanted to go and spend a day at the beach we wouldn’t have to spend our whole day driving there and back. Growing up in Long Beach, California, and spending an additional 10 years in San Jose, California, I was always a short drive away from the ocean. Living in Central Texas for the last six years has made me miss the ocean even more than usual.101328972_jpg_rendition_largestMy beach cottage would be filled with tons of fun beachy colors like turquoise and seafoam green.seafoamgreenbathroom2_thumb[1]

Lots of inviting spaces that beckons you to sit and relax. Enjoy some quiet time reading a book or nice conversations over a hot cup of coffee.tumblr_lyf7uz90id1qkgl21o1_1280There would be enough space outside for the kids to run around.Outdoors-Kids-1

tumblr_lpn96k1cGh1qza0fjo1_500Room for a small organic vegetable garden.food_science_organic3
Rain barrels would help harvest rain water for basic water usage such as gardening, laundry, showers, etc…
Solar panels would also find a place on our small piece of paradise.

Until that day comes, I’m happy living in my vintage 1960’s trailer with my happy little family. Our home is filled with love and lots of beautiful memories and really that is all that matters. It’s not a perfect home but it’s our home, we own it fully. We don’t have credit card bills, mortgage bills or car payments, which keeps stress to a minimum. We try to live within our means and when we can, we splurge on going out to eat or take a day trip. I’m the happiest I have ever been, I have my best friend, and our two children and really that’s all I need.


Thanks for visiting my little blog. -XOXO Lysa


4 thoughts on “My Dream Home

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  3. I love the photos you have chosen, they have all my favourite colours in them. I’m planning on painting the benches we have in our garden and the table and chairs in seaside colours as we are ten mins from the sea and I want to inject some lovely fresh colours into our home. Now I have seen your photos I am most definitely going to do it! Oh and if my Dream Home ever got finished I would have to pinch those swing chairs for my decked area, the summer house for the children and the beautiful vegetable garden arrangement….hope you don’t mind!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by. I would love it, I don’t mind you borrowing those ideas at all. I hope you do paint your garden benches and chairs. We recently painted our swing bench in our yard that minty “green jewel” color and I absolutely love it. Since painting our bench and Monk’s little picnic table that “amaryllis” pink color it has added so much brightness to our yard and I really have enjoyed our space even more than I usually do.

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