Polka Dot Box

Yesterday I ordered 12 items from ThredUp.
My biggest purchase yet from there and I can’t wait until my Polka Dot Box arrives.
Below are some of my favorite pieces, all from various sizes that are available for grabs.
All opinions expressed are all my own.  Use this link to receive $10 off your first purchase.

Lilly Style | sequin top | chambray | blazer | skinny jeans

Above is my outfit inspiration, I love the layers and especially the sparkles.
Below are my picks in size XXS:
Michael Kors Sequin Tank $13.49 | Moda International Blouse $6.99
BCBG Max Azria Blazer $44.49 | American Eagle Jeans $11.49

Michael Kors Sequin Tank | XXS | $13.49Moda International | XXS | $6.99BCBG Max Azria Blazer | Size XXS | $44.49American Eagle Jeans |Size XXS | $11.49


Plum Cardigan | White Blouse | Mustard Riding Skirt
Above is my outfit inspiration, I love the mustard and plum combination.
Below are my picks in size XS:
Chaps Henley $15.49 | Merona Cardigan $6.49 | J. Crew Skirt $11.99

Chaps Henley | Size XS | $15.49Merona Cardigan Plum | Size XS | $6.49J. Crew Skirt | Size XS | $11.99


Ruffles + Blazer

Above is my outfit inspiration, I love the  ruffles paired with a blazer and jeans.
Below are my picks in size S:
Calvin Klein Ruffle Top $9.49 | DKNY Jeans Blazer $21.99
Edun Jeans $26.99 | Banana Republic Factory Belt $8.49

Calvin Klein Ruffle Top | Size S | $9.49DKNY Jeans Blazer | Size S | $21.99Edun Jeans | Size 27 Waist | $26.99Banana Republic Factory Belt | Size S | $8.49


sundress |cardigan | belt

Above is my outfit inspiration, I love how she transitioned a summer dress for the fall.
Below is my pick in size M:
Max Studio Cocktail Dress $17.49 | Ann Taylor Factory Cardigan $4.99 | New York & Co. Belt $11.49

Max Studio Cocktail Dress | Size M | $17.49Ann Taylor Cardigan | Size M | $4.99New York & Co. Belt | Size M | $11.49


Stripe Cardigan | Pleated Lace Skirt | Skinny Belt

Above is my outfit inspiration, I love the cardigan with the pleated skirt.
Below are my picks in size L:
Bcb Generation Dress $11.99 | Vertigo Paris Cardigan $19.49 | Ralph Lauren Belt $18.49

Bcb Generation Pleated Dress | Size L | $11.99Vertigo Paris Cardigan | Size L | $19.49Ralph Lauren Belt | Size L | $18.49


Textured Layers

Above is my outfit inspiration, I love the different textures.
Below are my picks in size XL:
Banana Republic Shirt $15.49 | American Eagle Sweater $15.49
Pendleton Wool Skirt $11.99 | Chinese Laundry Belt $20.99
Banana Republic Shirt | Size XL | $15.49American Eagle Sweater | Size XL | $15.49Pendleton Wool Skirt | Size XL | $11.99Chinese Laundry Belt | Size XL | $20.99

I hope you enjoyed my picks.
All photos are linked back to original source, as best as I could find.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
-XOXO Lysa



7 thoughts on “Polka Dot Box

    • Thank you Nout! I finally got that lace skirt I purchased from Poshmark and I’m sad to say that the quality of skirt sucked. That is one thing I love about ThredUp, the condition of the items I buy, whether it be new with tags or used with minor flaws, I’ve never been disappointed. Although I have to say they do need to step it up on the photography.

  1. I’ve never heard of thredup, but since I’m going to need to buy almost an entire new wardrobe since losing weight, I’ll have to check it out. Love the blazer/ruffle combo.

    • Congrats on losing weight Janna! I’m in the process myself, I’ve lost about a jean size so far and I have found a few pairs of pants in really nice condition and for really great prices. It may seem really overwhelming at first, because they have such a huge selection. For me the easiest way to navigate the website is by using the filters on the left side of the screen. I would put in the size I’m looking for (14) and then I would go down to price and check $0-5 & $5-10. I’m a bit frugal so I stick to the lower price range. When I have the time I’ll peruse the higher priced stuff and once in awhile I do indulge and pick up an item that’s selling for $20. The blazer/ruffle combo is also my favorite out of all my outfit inspiration. Hope you find what you’re looking for, happy shopping!

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