Family Time

Artillery Shot 1 | Fireworks
I love Independence Day. I have fond memories of playing with fireworks with my cousins and the neighborhood kids when we were little. There was a little park in Long Beach, where we went to every year, it sat on a cliff above the beach off Pacific Coast Highway. Our family and friends would gather together and make a day of it. We would head out to the park in the afternoon to try to snag a great spot to hang out until the firework show started. Fun memories!

I remember loving the sparklers with the paper handles that were shaped like a gun. I don’t remember the last time I saw one of those! I used to be so excited and couldn’t wait until it got dark so we could play with all the fun fireworks and watch the beautiful shows. These days, I can barely keep my eyes open. Nine o’clock starts ticking closer and my internal clock tells me it’s bedtime and wonders why I’m still up.

Monks playing with a sparkler.
Dana and Squish
Little solo cup to protect little hands.
Both the kiddos hated the noise of the firecrackers. I did too, too loud and too close. The noise of the artillery shells didn’t bother me quite as much. To this day, sparklers still remain my favorite.

Sparkle | Summer | Independence Day
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