“Snow” Day in Central Texas

We finally got some snow, well icy snow. It’s not the nice flaky stuff you find up north. It started snowing last night and we did go out there for a few minutes but it was just too cold. By the time we got outside again mid-morning everything was iced over, but we enjoyed playing in it nonetheless. There wasn’t much snow on the ground. We managed to scrounge up some that accumulated on the chairs outside to make this little miniature icy snow man.

Miniature Icy Snow Man
Here’s what I wore today to frolic around outside.
I layered my floral dress with a striped sweater, tights and a denim jacket and of course my Hunter Boots. My jacket + tights are from Target. I picked up my dress (She’s Cool) and sweater (Abercrombie & Fitch) from ThredUp. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s an online consignment store. I’ve ordered from them about four times and have been very happy with all my purchases. They sell pre-owned, new and used clothes for women, juniors and children. I LOVE thrift shopping and ThredUp has an amazing selection.  If you purchase using this link you will receive $10 towards your first purchase.

Striped Sweater | Floral Dress | Polka Dot Denim Jacket | Navy Tights | Brick Red Hunter Boots | Winter Fashion
Baelynne (Monkey) and I jumping in the snow.

Winter Fashion | Jumping in the snow.
Dana tossing Myles (Squish) in the air.

Myles (Squish) & Daddy
Our little family had a great time and hopefully we’ll have a few more snow days before spring arrives.
I hope you are staying warm and cozy during this crazy weather.
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-XOXO Lysa


Rainy Day Glam

Making a Splash

Hunter Rain Boots | Plaid Dress | Cable Knit Cardigan | Polka Dot Denim JacketMy rainy day outfit.
I love this dress, it’s plaid with bits of crochet trim.
I layered it with an ivory zip up cardigan and over that I wore my favorite polka dot denim jacket.
Paired with a pair of tights and my Hunter rain boots.
I was warm and cozy while we were out running errands today.
Rainy Day Outfit | Denim Jacket | Cable Knit Cardigan | Plaid Dress | Hunter Rain BootsDaily Prompt: Style Icon
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-XOXO Lysa

Rainy Days

Leam/Liem Family

Left to right:
Circa 1986
Mommy, Me, Grandma, Aunt July and Grandpa on the far right.

A few days ago I came across one of my favorite childhood photos. Look at my gorgeous mother and grandmother. I just love their outfits! That’s me right in front, wearing the red sweater, pants and rain boots. I’m eagerly awaiting for my new rain boots to arrive in the mail. I love them already and I haven’t even seen them yet!

Rainy Days

Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots in Brick

I picked up this “Brick” colored pair from  Hunter.
I can’t wait to rock them around town.
Here are some inspirational pics:

Hunter Rain Boots | Floral Dress
Hunter Rain Boots | Floral Dress
Hunter Rain Boots | Vintage Floral Dress
Red Hunter Rain Boots
Hunter Rain Boots
Hunter Rain Boots
Hunter BootsHunter Rain BootsHunter Boots
What will you wear with your rain boots?
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