Metallica | Master of Puppets
Boy does this take me back. I got to see them twice way back in the days.
Once in ’99 and the second time in ’04.
Fun times and fun memories.

The prompt for today was “Metallic”.
My entry for The Idea Room’s Photo-A-Day May 2014.



Monkey & Squish | Nutella Brownies
I saw the Nutella Brownie recipe floating around Pinterest for a while now. It’s a three ingredient recipe (nutella, flour, and eggs) found on instructables. I made it once before and found that it needed a little something more, so this time around I added some Ghirardelli chocolate chips and a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. I also lightly dusted the top with confectioner’s sugar. It turned out soooo good.

My entry for The Idea Room’s Photo-A-Day May 2014.