Camping Fever

I’ve come down with a serious case of wanderlust.
It’s camping season here in Central Texas, and I’m totally bummed that we’re stuck at home. It looks like we might not be able to go camping this spring. I was planning on a camping trip for Dana’s birthday a few weeks ago but the Jeep died about a week before his birthday so that killed our trip. It was at the mechanics for a month and after being home for a few days it overheated and had to go back. Hopefully we’ll soon have it home for good!

Last Fall, the four of us camped at Krause Springs for a few days and we all had such a fabulous time.
You can see more pictures of us at the Springs here, or views of the amazing campgrounds here.
Since I’m stuck at home, I’ll share some of my favorite “Camping” images from my “Around the Campfire” Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Let's Go Camping Print | Katie Daisy
 General's Warning | Camping
First Night at White Pocket | Bill Church
Fuck Yeah, Camping
Roasting Marshmallows | Fuck Yeah, Camping
Only YOU can prevent forest fires.
Under the Stars
Lake View
Stargazing Print | Katie Daisy
Fancy Camp Food
Camp Rules
Killing Time
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